Everyone and their mom has drawn something like this but I don’t care I just need to get it out of my system

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do you ever just

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by ayame
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who cant draw backgrounds or color worth shit (me)

anyway i wish their shorts had been like this in canon

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"All of our practices, experiences, and strategies are being broken by force. Well, I guess the actual path to victory doesn’t really matter. The one that lets the ball fall on the court loses. That’s everything."

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Work by しょくむら

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tomorrow is another day: studio ghibli inspired mix to chill or study. [[listen]] [[art]]

"say goodnight to a bad morning, and hello to another day!"

i. kito kito; wolf children || ii. paperman; christophe beck || iii. merry go round of life; howls moving castle || iv. one summers day; joe hisashi || v. world of snow; hikaru nanase || vi. laputa; castle in the sky || vii. i am; hiroyuki sawano || viii. moonsetter; volume 9 || ix. ennui; tomofumi tanizawa || x. having lived; to the moon

((more in the series))

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trying to present simple concepts that work best with a casual/unplanned atmosphere in a polished illustration

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